About Jared

  • Founder & CEO

    Technology Consultant Systems Technician Producer

How it all started

Nites entered the public sphere as NoDa Nites - a simple Wordpress site with a photo gallery. The idea was that Jared could post event photos taken around NoDa to the gallery, and good laughs could be had by everyone involved. Over time, NoDa residents and business owners kept suggesting features he could add to the website. Using his technical expertise, Jared began implementing far-reaching changes that expanded on the original concept, and Nites quickly evolved into a fully-fledged media company that partnered with local residents and business owners to drive traffic and put NoDa on the map. After a year of solid growth, NoDa Nites launched partner site Plaza Midwood Nites to serve the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

We officially launched NoDa Nites on September 22nd, 2011. By mid-2013, Jared wanted to expand the company's scope and tap into demand for additional services including branding, talent management, and music & film production. NoDa Nites and Plaza Midwood Nites became Nites Corporate Services. The original Nites websites are off production (retained under this domain for historical purposes) but the communities we built still remain strong on social media today!

Since inception, Nites Corporate Services has expanded operations with form Nites Studios and Quick-Fix Mobile Services. Today, Nites is continually striving for excellence in all the fields it operates in.