Nites provides an array of creative, marketing, and support services!

Service packages are customizable to suit your needs!

    Business/Home Support Services

  • Technical Support
  • Nites offers a wide-array of technical services via Quick-Fix Mobile Services!
    • Operating System Repair / Upgrade
    • Hardware Repair / Upgrade
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Virus & Malware Removal
    • Password Recovery / Removal
    • Remote Tech-Support
    • Internet Configuration & Wired / Wireless Network Setup
    • Data Management, File Recovery & Backups
    • Laptop Repair & Maintenance (Fan Cleaning / Thermal Paste)
    • Custom-Built PCs, Media Centers & HTPCs
    • Windows 8 → Windows 7 Downgrade
    • Android / Apple Repair & Tech Support
    • Android / Apple Root & Jailbreak
    • Website Design, Training, and much more...
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Nites can manage your infrastructure to simplify your day-to-day operations. We have experience with a wide range of platforms!
    If you need infrastructure we lease Nites-managed web, mail, and CardDAV/CalDAV servers. Our infrastructure supports collaboration frameworks like Horde. Windows platforms are also available.
  • Branding & Brand Management
  • Create or reinvent your brand with us! We offer website packages and can also help manage your brand and social media.
  • Peace of Mind
  • Nites also offers automated off-site backup and on-site scheduled backup services, including encrypted backups for sensitive data. No need to worry about losing your data - it's safe with us!

    Music & Video Services

  • Music Production
  • Are you a recording artist that just needs that custom-produced track to set off your vocals? We can do that.
  • Studio Recording, Engineering, & Mastering
  • If you're looking for a place to record your next project, look no further than Nites Studios. We operate a small recording studio with professional-grade equipment just a short drive from uptown.
    Nites Studios will provide a studio engineer for each recording session. In-house mastering is available for an additional fee. We can also master stems recorded at other studios.

  • Video/RAW Editing
  • Have a ton of quality footage you need to turn into a professional product? Look no further! We use industry-standard hardware and software for maximum compatibility with your target distribution media.
  • Mass Publishing
  • Do you have an album or single you'd like to publish on all of the top online music stores, but don't have accounts with those stores? Nites Studios can help you publish to over 60 of the largest online media stores, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, and Bandcamp. We can also expedite ASCAP/BMI royalty tracking for you and your album/single.
  • Creation Date Documentation
  • Are you ready to release your album or single but the Library of Congress is holding you up for a year? While there are no magic loopholes or quick fixes when it comes to copyright, we can help you obtain creation date documentation for your music so you'll at least be covered in the meantime.

    Photography & Design Solutions

  • Digital Press Kits
  • Show the world you are a professional entertainer with a high-end digital press kit. Can include creative design services if needed.
  • Headshots / Portfolio Photos
  • Perfect for actors and models.
  • Corporate / Team Photography
  • From corporate executives to small development teams, we can help you put your best face forward.
  • RAW Processing
  • Did you shoot 1,000 RAWs yesterday and have no time to process them? We can help.
  • Event Coverage
  • Full press coverage for your event(s).
  • Advertising
  • Photos for advertising or marketing purposes.

    Social Media Solutions

  • Advertising
  • Get published on Nites' social media network!
  • Management
  • Nites can manage social media publishing on your official page(s) plus publishing on Nites social network.
  • Marketing
  • Create or reinvent your social media marketing strategy with us. We can help you reach your goals.